Lower Kern

 budlong 140 days ago

At the outflow from the dam. Using corn.


 Ming Lake

 budlong 178 days ago

Monster bluegill.


 California Aqueduct

 budlong 232 days ago

Jake Rath with some amazing catches over by Ikea.

Rainbow Trout

 Upper Kern

 budlong 237 days ago

Goldledge campground.


 Ming Lake

 budlong 240 days ago

Wussy dough bait never fails.

Largemouth Bass

 Isabella Lake

 budlong 252 days ago

Got this small bass on a black and white Crappie jig at Freear Point.

Largemouth Bass

 Hart Park

 skunk_cast 271 days ago

Random crank bait found on the floor


 Ming Lake

 budlong 286 days ago

Ming always delivers!