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 California Aqueduct

A large canal system that ranges from the Sacramento Delta all the way down to Los Angeles. Known for its plentiful striped bass, some even exceeding 30 pounds. Monster catfish are also caught here often. This is one of the best fishing spots in Kern County.

The Aqueduct is roughly 450 miles in length. The canal is long and diverse. Fish tend to pool together in schools here, so it can be easy to find yourself not catching anything if you're fishing in the wrong spot. Or catching a lot if you're in the right spot! We recommend fishing near bridges, pumps, siphons, and gates. The location linked below is to the Buena Vista Golf Course gates. This is the most popular section of the Aqueduct to fish and for good reason. It's easy to access and the bite is good.

If you're targeting catfish, a heavy weight (1-2 oz. depending on the flow) with mackerel or chicken liver will usually do the trick. Catfish tend to bite when the flow is calm. If you find the current too strong, it's better to target striped bass.

If you're targeting striped bass, you can either go with lures or bait. With bait, a lighter weight with a large red hook is recommended. Recommended baits for striper are mackerel or anchovies. I find I get more bites if I peel the skin off the mackerel/anchovies before putting the bait on my hook. Striper can be very picky with what they eat, so make sure your presentation is good. Simply cast out and walk down with the current, without letting your line get pushed all the way to the side. Active fishing is recommended when targeting striped bass. Keep your fishing pole in hand and be ready to set the hook as soon as you get a bite.

One of the most common public access points is here, across from the Buena Vista Golf Course.


  • Parking: Yes (Free)
  • Entry Price: Free
  • Public Bathrooms: At some access points (Portable Bathrooms)
  • 24/7 Access: Yes
  • Fishing License Required: Yes (For ages 16+)
  • Camping: No

Regulations (Kern County):

  • Striped Bass: Limit of 2, any striped bass under 18 inches must be immediately released
  • Catfish: no size restrictions, no limit
  • Carp: no size restrictions, no limit
  • Most artificial lures and baits allowed
  • No fishing from bridges allowed
  • Fishing open year round

Regulations (Los Angeles County):

  • Striped Bass: Limit of 10, no size restrictions
  • Most artificial lures and baits allowed
  • No fishing from bridges allowed
  • Fishing open year round

Popular Baits:

  • Mackarel (Striped Bass)
  • Shad (Striped Bass)
  • Chicken Liver (Catfish)
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