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 Hart Park

A city-park that consists of a larger lake and a smaller lake. Carp can easily be caught in both lakes. Bluegill, crappie, and bass can be caught here. The larger lake is stocked with trout in the winter months (November - May.)


  • Parking: Yes (Free)
  • Entry Price: Free
  • Public Bathrooms: Yes
  • 24/7 Access: No (Park closed at night)
  • Fishing License Required: Yes (For ages 16+)
  • Camping: No


  • Trout: Limit of 5, no size restrictions
  • Bass: Limit of 2, must be over 15 inches
  • Most artificial lures and baits allowed

Popular Baits:

  • Crankbaits (Bass)
  • Senkos (Bass)
  • Wussy Bait (Carp)
  • PowerBait (Trout, in winter months)
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Rainbow Trout

Caught on a trout magnet next to the outflow.

1759 days ago


Rainbow Trout

Caught 2 on gold spinners. Other one was on Powerbait. By the turtles.

1729 days ago

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