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 Ming Lake

Ming Lake is a shallow lake built in 1959 near Hart Park that was originally built for boating. It has a max depth of around 18 feet. Year round bass, crappie, bluegill, and carp can be caught here. In the winter and early spring (December - May), trout are stocked by DFW and can also be caught here.

There is no entry fee or extra cost to fish here and the lake is open year round although it is closed some weekends for boat races.


  • Parking: Yes (Free)
  • Entry Price: Free
  • Public Bathrooms: Yes
  • 24/7 Access: No (Gates closed at night)
  • Fishing License Required: Yes (For ages 16+)
  • Camping: Yes


  • 5 trout per day/10 maximum in possession
  • 2 bass limit/must be over 15 in.
  • Artificial lures and bait allowed

Popular Baits:

  • Garlic PowerBait (Trout: in winter months)
  • Crankbaits (Bass)
  • Wussy Bait (Carp)
  • Worms (Catfish)
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Rainbow Trout

Guess there's still trout in Lake Ming. Caught on wussy bait.

1686 days ago


Rainbow Trout

Another one on the wussy bait. A little strange but not going to complain.

1685 days ago

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